Property Management, Pool Maintenance and Gardening


... for holidaymakers

The house maintenance and care of their property during their absence always is a topical issue for property owners in Spain. Many house owners come to the Costa Blanca just for some weeks throughout a year. But seriously, could you really enjoy your holiday with unpleasant odours or vermin in the house, green water in the pool or a jungle instead of a well-kept garden?


... and for residents

Even if you live in the urbanization La Marina all over the year, you can make use of our services. Would you like to go on a journey yourself or visit your family in your home country? Engage us for a short-term care of your property and just leave carelessly your adopted country Spain. In the event of incidents we inform you immediately and take all necessary measures upon consultation.



Property Management

You as the owner determine yourself how intensively and at which intervals your property will be maintained. The spectrum ranges from simple and merely external controls at greater intervals, regularly external controls and postal collection up to weekly indoor controls with or without ventilation. Apart from a long-term care you have the possibility to opt for a short-term or a temporary maintenance of your property.



Pool Maintenance

To have crystal clear and clean water in your pool at any time, a constant check of the pool as well as a regular maintenance of the water and the pump system and filter units is essential. All chemical and biological products for cleaning the water and the filters are included in our prices. And we are also the right contact for repairs and restorations at the swimming pool.





The garden jobs are made according to your individual request and needs. The same applies to all other grounds of your property; you as owner are always the only one who determines the extent of the gardening and cleaning work of the grounds. You have the choice between a regularly recurring maintenance of ground and garden or a contract on request and in any individual case.

Furthermore we have a lot more to offer. If you wish we even forward your post to your country. Please browse our homepage, on the pages for translations and services you will find more offers. Would you like to receive an individual and specially tailored offer without any obligation and free of charge please do not hesitate to contact us.