Translations and Interpreting


Building bridges based upon languages

Speechless people can cause the worst controversies between human beings. It is much better to avoid misunderstandings by building bridges to your fellow men by means of speaking languages. You do not speak Spanish or German? No problem, our translation agency and interpreting service ensure a correct communication with the police, your doctor or your neighbour. With our assistance you will never be linguistically helpless, no matter what kind of situation or occasion you get into.

For you as our client it certainly might be the most important thing to be advised and attended competently. A translation may sound even so good - but it is of no value if the translation is wrong! You can avoid this by contacting qualified translators as you can find at TILOBO.

Written Translations

We provide written translations in GermanSpanish and English; other languages on request. We can offer you both certified and technical translations in the following fields: law, real estate, tourism, hotel business, economy, finance, advertising, marketing, medicine, etc.

This includes legal translations of judgments, contracts, purchase agreements, deeds, powers of attorney, wills, certificates of inheritance, birth and marriage certificates, reports, property valuations, land certificates or other documents and certifications.

Oral Interpreting

Of course you can engage us to accompany you if you have to go to any authority and if you need language support. We are at your disposal as interpreter and escort you apart from authorities to offices, banks, notaries and solicitors, to the police, the doctor or to the hospital. We can help you to apply for the tax number for foreigners (NIE) or to register as a foreigner to get the resident certificate.

Our escort service supports you in German, English and Spanish. You can avoid misunderstandings with possible negative consequences by using our service. And a beautiful side effect is the pleasant atmosphere when booking us. Time and again our customers confirm us how excited and impressed they are by our personal touch.

Further information to the topics translations and interpreting you will find in our pricelist; our property management clients enjoy the pleasure of special prices. Please browse as well to our translator-website Should you have any concrete questions or need an offer for a written translation or an escort interpreting, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.